Friday, August 20, 2010

Joy to the World.

4/5 ACE for my blog! Joy to the world !

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today's the last day of the Term 3 Test Frenzy. The last test of the term was well, History. It left my fingers very much strained, but nevertheless, it was worth it.

My test status this term was reasonable enough. Though I could have done better. The worst score by far was my Comprehension results. A hefty 24/45. What a score. And I was below average I'd say. I love crafting an essay, or a composition. Its just that I'm bad at making those shorter, and concise. A 10/20. And I thought I got all the points. I'm a little worried about my Language Arts score this term. 24/45 is enough to pull my A1 down to a B4. And an extra 3 in my MSG won't help at all.

Humanities papers were relatively, safe for me I'd say. I just love the feeling of my fingers getting tired after scribbling strenously for at least three pages. Mathematics was manageable. However, for my Biology test, I think I did a 10 mark question wrongly. So yeah, not much hope of a 90% which I took down as my target score on June 30th.

From yesterday onwards, Infocomm Studies have officially been promoted to my favourite subjects list. The tests are open-mouthed and... yes, open-mouth. That's the best part. Everyone will get a free A1 in their report card by the end of the month. I gurantee.

I just hope my MSG this term would be below 1.5. I hope. How I wish my all my scripts would be as simple as the one above.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shakespeare. The Marine of Venice.

Shakespeare. What a wonder he is. Written dozens of plays, with most of them hitting the fame charts and remaining as a classic even a few hundred years later. He is controversial, I say. Its just that sometimes I wonder whether he was a racist, a discriminator.

One good evidence that Shakespeare is racist is indeed from the play, Merchant of Venice, the play I myelf am analysing in school now. I looked at the facts.

- The only villians in this play are Jews.
- Shylock is portrayed as a stereotypical Jew.
- All the unfortunate stuff happens to him.
- In the end, he is converted to Christianity, and this is seen as a good thing.
- At no point does he say anti-semitism is bad.

This leads us to two conclusions.

- Shakespeare was satirising anti-semitism, in a unfunny way.
- Shakespeare was a racist.

So in the end, I think he was blatantly anti-semitic, no matter how good a playwright he was. I guess racism lies even in the greatest of mankind.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Training. Break from Scoping.

With the passing of the hectic week, I was free. Training resumed. I was a little nervous at first for returning to the field after almost a month. That tingy feeling went away after a couple of throws with my buddies.

How nice it felt to run freely around the entire field, as if it were my second home, with no restrictions, regulations as to when and where I can swing and throw. Coach taught us a batting technique today. I was unable to get it at first but with a little tuning, I excelled at it.

The irony of today was that, there was supposed to be a swimming test today. It had been already delayed for a week due to rain and it rained again. Aww. What a waste. It kept raining lightly until training. Cool.

My right shoulder ached a little but training got rid of it. After releasing a month of physical tension, I feel free and refreshed. I've gotta go work now. Seeya.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week. Sniper Frenzy,

This week has been the busiest moment in my school life so far. With powerpoints popping up here and there, CA Interviews, and Panel Discussions beckoning me from all directions, I have to admit: It's fun.

Somtimes you just wonder. Why am I pushing myself forward? For what purpose? For Whom? And the first things that pops up into your mind are politically correct answers. I am doing this for my own good. For my parents. For my Life. And you just know it, its true.

I had Council General Meeting today. For that purpose, I had to wear the prestigious council uniform all day long. It gave me heaps of trouble but oh well, its cool. At least I didn't have to change into swimming trunks today and go throught the tedious process of putting on formal clothings twice.

Math Test was on Monday. Trigonometry. Somehow I had studied so hard for it and I still had 2 questions unanswered. And I realised, you mustn't just study hard, you have to study smart.

Language Arts Lessons were the most memorable these few days. Presentations we had to craft ourselves from different points of view all presented before everyone's eyes. Not repetition. It was a great experience. Miss Loh's modules just does those.

This week was not just mirror images. There were differences almost every day. And that's what made it so fun. Variety. A twist from repetition. Repetition. It just tires you out whenever it has the chance. Same old process. Same old actions. But one thing is clear about it. They're safe. And steady. And reliable. I gotta go now. Sichuan Landslide and Three Kingdoms are waiting for me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sniping Luck.

Luck. What is luck? Luck is the unknown factor in which pleasant or unpleasant things happens to you. While luck is considered a form of superstition, surprisingly many people believe in it. I do. Or more likely, I did.

I used to have several superstitions regarding luck. For instance,

1. Doing well in Term 1 makes you do badly in Term 2. Then you do well in Term 3, and you do badly in the EOYs.

2. Thinking the opposite of the desired outcome produces the desired outcome.

3. Listening to Chinese Songs will make your skin oily.

Some of them are really ridiculous and I do not wish to post it here for the world to see but, you get what I mean. What really compelled me to believe in these is that, they did work. Evey year, I do badly for Term 1. Then I do well for Term 2. Then I do badly for Term 3. And so on. Whenever I thought of the opposite of my desired outcome, I actually got the desired outcome. Well, most of the time.

However, I have come to reality and realised that these are mere superstitions. They are not my principles. Never, my guiding light. Instead they were mere psyhological effects. For example, if I believe that I will do badly in Term 2 when I did well for Term 1, my semi-conscious state will cause me to perform poorly for the Term due to my belief. The thought of the opposite outcome was merely a random pattern.

In life, no matter what you do, if you put your effort and sweat and confidence in it, you will most likely succeed. Life does not have regulations. There is no such thing as bad luck after good luck. I should have realised that 3 months ago. I really should.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sniper Rifle. Specs

Specs. Computer Specs. These marvelled values of personal computers has been ever improving since the birth of computers themselves. A little bit of techy talk here by the way.

I was flipping through the Straits Times recently and came across a "Courts" Computer Sales advertisement page. I briefly sailed my eyes through it and gaped at what was staring back at me.

An HP laptop with Intel Core i7 coupled with a 2GB RAM and 500 GB HDD Drive, only for $1499.

An Acer Desktop with Intel Core i5 coupled with a 4GB RAM and 320 GB HDD Drive, on sale for $800.

Those were just a few of the unbelievable prices of these specs. My very own 2 year-old personal laptop was only armed with a Core 2 Duo Processor and a 250 GB HDD Drive. And I bought it for $1499. The same price as the HP laptop mentioned above.

Amazed at the advancement of technology in just 2 years, I briefly surfed the web and came across even more amazing specs.

A 27 - inch Apple iMac. Intel Core i7. 4GB RAM. Nvidia GeForce. and best of all, 1TB hard drive. What more can I say. I once marvelled at my own PC, thinking that it was the best of both worlds in terms of price and specs. Look what happens 2 years later. They've even come up with a 1TB hard drive for a Mac ! Totally Awesome.

And another 2 years later I can guarantee you that these specs that I am marvelling at right now would be outdated and outshone by whatever new engineering. I guarantee.